CS371p Fall 2020 Week 2: Mitchell Watkins

What did you do this past week?

My week consisted of homework and exercise! It was our first full week of classes. This semester I am taking SWE, OOP, Chemistry, and Biology. After classes and HW, I like to go either lift weights or play volleyball at Gregory Gym.

What’s in your way?

A pandemic is in my way. Before COVID, I played basketball or volleyball just about every day and it helps me unwind and regulate my sleep. With a restricted ability to play, I feel pretty restless and stressed at times.

What will you do next week?

I will look to finish my Collatz projects in both SWE and OOP. I also want to get ahead in my schoolwork to work on side projects and prepare for internship searching. I will also play volleyball haha.

What was your experience of assertions, Google Test, and gcov?

I have a newfound appreciation for assertions. I am going to start using assertions in my code because I feel they are really good at showing you where errors arise and why. Google Test seems like a standard unit testing library that I feel will be really useful. Also, the Collatz project will be the first time I use a coverage tool. I think the coverage tool is very useful and I’m surprised I am only being exposed to it now.

How are you doing and holding up? What’s been most helpful for you in terms of support at this time?

Visiting friends is a good support system. I still get out and stay active too which I feel is essential when you spend so many hours sedentary at a computer. Also, my roommates are a joy.

What made you happy this week?

I baked some chicken. I usually don’t make food at home and in previous semesters I ate out and picked up food more than I should have. So I am happy that I cooked some chicken. Happiness comes from simple things.

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

I’ve found myself using Notepad a lot recently. It’s probably because I go to Zoom University now haha. I guess I’m putting Notepad as my pick-of-the-week because I just have a newfound appreciation for it. I always have it open when I’m in class now and even when I’m working on homework I always just find myself using it. I ❤ Notepad!